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Mock Test Paper NSE NCFM Banking Sector Course Module



Banks are an integral part of any business and over lives. Working with Financial markets is related with banks.RBI uses certain tools and techniques of to control the economy. The banking sector module is concerned with the operations and working of banks and the services provided to the customers. Online NIFM provides a unique way of learning of this module with its highly qualified faculties and professionals. It provides a mock test for NCFM banking sector module to appear for an NCFM certification exam. Detailed and step by step solutions are provided in a question bank available for online preparation of NSE certified exams.

This financial institution offers online practice and mock test facility to the students for the understanding of banks and their processes in association with the financial markets. Students who want to excel themselves in this particular field of study should attend the mock test and revise through an online question bank. Banks do a great help for the investors and traders by establishing them in the financial markets with the loans for investments and transferring the savings for buying and selling of stocks in financial markets. Being an emerging sector, the mock test for this module gives an understanding of the topics related to the banking sector and solves them for excelling in an NCFM certification exam.

There are more than 500 questions answers are available in mock test papers prepared for the students for practicing for this module and to boost the knowledge of the level of banks and their importance. Banking sector professionals, employed people along with students of the finance sector and anyone who has an interest in the banking sector can apply for this module and mock test along with a question bank for getting certified by NCFM. The experiences faculties build the confidence of students to face the challenging exam with a mock test help and a well-designed question bank. 

After completing this module and preparing with the question bank, candidates can pass the mock test and get to know the standard of an NCFM certification exam. After getting an NCFM certification, an individual can apply in recognized firms and can work at the highly paid position. Those who want to invest and trade can take help from the banks for the smooth running of further trading operations and for making huge investments. So, take an advantage of mock tests at affordable rates.

What you will get?

Book:  NO

Mock test:  Yes (online mock test with approx 500 question answers) 

Certification: For preparation for NSE NCFM exam

NCFM Assesment Structure:

Duration: 120 minutes

No. of questions: 60

Total Marks: 100

Marks per question: 1-2

Passing score: 60%

Negative Marking: Yes (25%)


Certificate validity: 5 years