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Microsoft Office Word 2010 Complete Online Course

In 90s only those who want to enter in computer or IT field thought for computer courses. Now people understand the importance of computers or information technology in their life. Every thing everyone use today in day today life is directly or indirectly linked with IT, from mobile to watch, tv to music system, fridge to washing machine, calculater to car, everything every where. Now is the time that scools have added basic computer science as a new and mendatory subject in school.

Now come to second stage, What is basic Computer science or what we have to study if we want to get basic knowledge of computers. At first if we think about computers, Microsoft Office came in mind as maximum of computers we are using are windows operating system based and Microsoft company has made this operating system. Microsoft has made a software or we can say application system named as Microsoft Office for All the clerical work like documentation, reports, presentation etc. Microsoft office includes Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, Grove, Infopath, Onenote, Publisher and other tools for make our work easy.

Microsoft Word 2010 (MS Word) is a application mostly used for documentaion, letter writing or drafting etc.

This course contains chapter wise videos, approx 23 chapters are their in this course with one video for each chapter or topic. All these videos are in hindi.

What you will get?

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 3 hours)

Language:  HINDI

Book:  NO

Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Ruchi Chauhan

MRP:- 3500 Rs

Offer Price:- Free

Duration:- 12 Month

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About Course

Microsoft Office Word 2010 is a application developed by Microsoft Company in its Mcrosoft Office segment. In every version of Microsoft word you will find some new features added for smoothning of work. As this century is known as computer century, every industry or service segment is totally depend on computers.

Microsoft office word 2010 course is the basic requirement of the compnies or in day today life of every human being to for smooth function of business or earning of to get a job.

This course is designed in a manner that you can understand it with any help from others or physical classes. Online complete pre-recorded video tutorials are available in this course with practical display videos of every command and functions of microsoft or MS word.