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Power of Numbers Theory for Equity and Commodity Trading

Why Power of Numbers Theory Course    

In the financial market many theories have been developed in past but the limitations of these theories are that they are difficult to understand because they require lots of mathematical calculations which is not sometime possible for the students also the required data of past of the scripts in some cases details are not available for all securities.  But if we talk about the power of numbers theory it is easy to learn and implement also. It gives you 100% result which the other theories don’t provide.

So one must join this course if he wants to be the master in stock and commodity market. Everyone wants to decode the secrets of making money in the stock market but they don’t know. But we have developed this theory for all who want having desire of making money in share market. This is proven that if the application is done correctly the power of number theory gives 100% result. We ensure everyone that after doing this course you will be the master of stock market.

Benefits of the course

  • 1. Numbers speak everything
  • 2. Where is the markets top & bottom?
  • 3. Whrere is the support & resistance of the market?
  • 4. From which point market take reversals?
  • 5. Which is the perfect profit booking level?
  • 6. Which is the proper exit level?
  • 7. Which stocks you must avoid?
  • 8. Which stocks you must trade?
  • 9. How to identify the multibagger stock?
  • 10. How to identify the stock crash in advance?
  • 11. How to identify the penny stocks which turns into multibagger? 








Highlights of the course

  • 1. Understanding the power of numbers
  • 2. Each number has different role in the market
  • 3. How to identify markets perfect top & bottom
  • 4. How to predict market before month, week and days before
  • 5. Applications of numbers
  • 6. This is for all whether you are intraday player or long term players
  • 7. This theory is useful for all








What you will get?

Pre-recorded videos - Yes (Complete course Videos)

Language:  HINDI

E-Book:  Yes (Only in English)

Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Mr. Arvind Sharma

MRP:- 51000 Rs

Offer Price:- 11000 Rs

Duration:- 12 Month

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About Course

Power of Numbers theory is like GANN Theory but totally different, It is based on psychology of numbers and their powers.


This theory will help you to identify the direction or trend decider of a stock or market and tells you the exact target for intraday, short term or long term trading in any shares, commodity, index or currency.


This theory will tell your the special numbers and their powers and how they react in movement of a script.


Application of these numbers in trading will help you to find the target of a stock or commodity and the special part is that, you can do this very easily without taking the help of technical analysis chart.