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Advance Trading Technique

The stock market has many theories and many secrets time to time several people came and tried to decode theories that can be applied to succeed in stock market names of such theories are Gann theory ,Elliott wave theory , Dow theory and advanced technical theories. These theories are great but have some limitations like these theories are difficult to understand while applied .Any layman can't take advantage of these theories . Stock market is growing like anything now a days more and more talented people are coming to explore the trading world and the competition of getting success in stock market also getting tough . Everyone wants to learn something different but effective so we have good news for everyone as we have developed the best of the best course which will make your dreams come true .making money in stock market is now easy .

What you will learn

1. When to take perfect trade

2. How to identify bottom and top

3. Pre bidding system to pick bottom and top

4. When to book profit at top

5. When to exit at bottom

6. How to get trades 1:5 and :1:10 ratio with geniune breakout

7 How to avoid loss making trades with fake breakout.

8. To know Best trading time, bullish and bearish days

9.How to maximize your profit in executed trades

10. Live examples of executive trade and with case studies.

What you will get?

Pre-recorded video - Yes (approx 4 hours)

Language in Video:  HINDI

Book:  No

Mock test:  No 

Certification: Certification from NIFM


Faculty: Mr Arvind Sharma

MRP:- 30000 Rs

Offer Price:- 15000 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

People say it's next to impossible task to predict stock market's top/bottom we do agree it's impossible to predict but for those who don't learn Advanced day trading course .Those who learn this course can surely predict the market's top/bottom. This is a unique course for all the traders and investors wether beginner or experienced. This course is like real magic for making money in stock market and so accurate that every time it delivers the best results. This course is based on power of numbers and power of advanced technicals with the combination of both this course has been prepared. When you look at any financial asset it's price shows in numbers which is itself a complete analysis but you can't do perfect analysis with its price unless you learn this concept . Once you learn this concept you will find a unique and the most perfect way to predict the target of your desired share, commodity, currency and crypto.