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Free Mock Test NCFM NISM Certification



Various educational institutions provide mock test free of cost for practice and ensuring a stress- free learning. The Free mock test is a facility given to the candidates to avail this service without much thinking and keep on solving the complicated problems.  The Online mock test has been conducted for the students who want to appear for NCFM certification and understand the design of an NCFM exam. It has been prepared like an NISM test paper so that students can figure out the solutions to those problems which they haven’t learned and even studied.  AN NCFM test paper has been prepared under the guidelines of NSE and NCFM. These tests help a student to increase his potential towards the problems and to solve them with a critical and positive approach. An NISM question paper is important and aims at bringing out the skills and problem- solving attitude of students to qualify for an NISM certification. A thorough knowledge of the subject and course can be evaluated by the performance of a candidate in an NISM test paper. It help is understanding that how much a student is able to deal with the trading methodologies and find the solutions to problems that can come during the trading process and for those working in reputed stock broking companies.


An NCFM question paper has been designed in an efficient manner using simple solving methods but with a view to judging the questions that can come in an NCFM certification exam. Online NIFM is an institute that offers free mock test facility to the students for more and more practice and thus saves time for preparing for a certification exam. It is an institute that offers the mock test for all the courses related to stocks and financial markets. The mock tests are conducted to create awareness among the students for the NCFM certification. It is important to know the type of questions and presenting the answers according to the standard of NCFM certification exam. The certification increases the chances of an individual to get selected in a reputed firm on highly paid posts. It is beneficial for a candidate to complete the mock test to ensure training for an exam of NCFM or NSE certification. If you are looking for free practice and revision but unable to find relevant sources, attend the free online mock tests and prepare yourself to appear in an NCFM certification.

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About Course

It is an initiative taken by NIFM  to help those who want to prepare themselves for the exams organized by NSE ( National Stock Exchange). NSE is taking exams and provide certifications like NCFM Certification, NISM Certifications. This Free Online Mock test will help to appear students and professionals for capital market module, derivative market module, commodity market module, currency market module. You can get yourself prepared for NCFM and NISM series online certifications conducts by NSE.

Free Online Mock Test for Capital Market (Dealer) Module