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Appraisal System and Effective Competency Mapping

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Effective competency mapping is a function of systematic appraisal system for employees at all levels. This concept is an integral part o talent management.

Another outcome of this concept is ‘training need identification (TNI) of an individual. This also helps in succession planning in an organization as a strategy. A performance appraisal is a systematic and periodic process that assesses an individual employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives.

An organization often invests substantial energy in acquiring critical business assets such as capital, technology systems and infrastructure, but without a clear strategy for managing its human assets - no company can work effectively. No asset performs until it’s touched by people.

The Performance Management System aims at translating individual and organizational expectations into daily operations to ensure achievement of organization goals and long term sustainability for the business as well as measuring an individual’s performance.

Performance refers to the degree of accomplishment of the tasks that make up an individual's job. It indicates how well an individual is fulfilling the job demands. Performance appraisal is a method of evaluating the behavior of employees at work place, quantitatively and qualitatively

What you will get?

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 3-4 hours)

Language:  HINDI & ENGLISH

Book:  Yes (Ebooks in pdf format in English)

Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Capt. Harish Gulati

MRP:- 5000 Rs

Offer Price:- 1500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

This programme presents techniques and methods for mapping performance of employees at all levels for the purpose of granting increments and promotions in the organization.

There is a fundamental need to align the performance management system to business strategy and company goals/objectives. All the managements believe in the power of people.