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Crude Oil Analysis for Intraday Trading Certificate Course

The key benefits of oil analysis are maintenance cost  and productivity for the development in the  increasing the future  of running material. Materials  run long for the correct  oils that is used and if the oils are dry, clean and fit for use. 

Oil mix up is one of the most contributing to machine failure. Putting the right lubricating oil in a machine is a simple task that can improve machine reliability.

 In order to keep the oil dry, clean and free of contaminants, seals and filtration systems need to work properly and oils should be checked regularly. Sand and dirt in oil cause the generation of abrasive wear. 

Moisture in oil causes corrosion. Fuel or coolant in engine oil changes viscosity and causes the generation of adhesive wear. It is necessary to keep the lubricating oil clean and dry at all times.

To keep oil fit for use, oil conditions are to be monitored regularly to make sure the oil is used within its performance specification. A well balanced oil analysis program. Key parameters are measured regularly and their trends are closely monitored. If one or more parameters exceed  the a change in the trending rate is detected, reliability engineers .

The cost savings from a well-executed oil analysis program come from reducing production loss from decrease  time due to catastrophic failure as decreasing repair costs and unnecessary oil changes.

 In a power plant or paper mill, the cost savings mainly from reduced machine down time and repairs. In a mining site with hundreds , the cost savings mainly come from eliminating potential engine failures. For a municipal transportation fleet, the cost savings from oil analysis are due to reduced stock, labor and recycling by increase the oil drain intervals.



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