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Crude Oil Analysis for Intraday Trading Certificate Course

After doing this course you will learn all the specifics about the crude oil analysis which will tell you, when you have to make buying position and when you have to make selling position to get more and more profits. So, if you will enroll in this course you will learn how to take positions without technical charts. You will learn how fundamental effects crudeoil. After doing this course you will get experience how we can do crude oil trading. Speciality of this course is that you will learn how we can earn more in crude oil with limited risk it means limited risk high probability of profit.

In this course you will learn about "what is crude oil"? and which countries produces maximum crude oil, you will learn about crude oil pricing formula which means in the world on what basis crude oil price is get fixed. We will learn all the dimensions about crude oil pricing, reasons which effect crude oil pricing, How crude oil is made, who are the producers, exporters and who are importers. What is the impact of large export or import of curde oil on a country, How major producing countries will manupulate the crude oil price, We will learn about OPEC. How it influnce crude oil price? Impact of geopolitical on crude oil price, US Sanctions on a large producing country, What is API? How American inventory determine crude oil price. How weather effects crude oil demand and price?, How to corelate crude prices with equity market, How Dollar Rupee movement affects curde oil and lot more.


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What you will get?

Pre-recorded videos - Yes

Language:  HINDI

E-Book:  NO

Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Analyst Arvind Sharma

MRP:- 7500 Rs

Offer Price:- 2500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

In crude oil analysis course we will learn about crude oil in detail. This course is basically made for those who are doing or who wants to do trading in crude oil or want to invest money in crudeoil. We will learn some important trading strategies in this course.

1. What is Crude Oil.
2. How Crude Oil Made.
3. What is Crude oil pricing formula.
4. What is crude oil strategy.
5. Major crude oil prducing and exporting countries.
6. Major crude oil importing countries.
7. What is OPEC, How it influence crude oil price.
8. How geopolitical tension affect crude oil price.
9. What is US sanctions and how they affect crude oil price.
10. What is API.
11. How hurricanes affect crude oil prices.
12. How weather affect crude oil prices.
13. Crude oil correlation with equity market.
14. How INR movement affect curde oil.
15. Support and resistance of crude oil trading.
16. How inventory effects crude oil price.