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Fundamental Analysis Crash Course

When we talk about fundamental analysis, we talk about qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis.
When we talk about qualitative dimension we are very much keen on what the management is offering, how the product is related to the specific industry or what is demand and supply conditions on the product or may be what price the product have been offered with respect to the competitors and also the quality of the management of the company.
When we talk about quantitative aspect, we came to the balance sheet, income statement, profit & loss statement, cash flow analysis of the particular company. Also when we do sector analysis we to find out the particular quantitative aspect which are impacting to a particular sector performance.
For Example when we are doing analysis of auto sector we are very much keen on the auto sector sales which are anounced on first of every month.
For Example when we are doing analysis on crude and metals we are very much keen about the inventory.

So when we are talking about the company analysis we are more concern about the qualitative and quantitative aspect with respect to the fundamental analysis.


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Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 3 hours)

Language:  ENGLISH

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Faculty: Mr. Kalyan Srinivasan

MRP:- 7500 Rs

Offer Price:- 3500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

Introduction to Fundamental Analysis
Difference between technical and fundamental analysis
Economy Analysis
Industry Analysis
Company Analysis
Company Valuations
PESTAL Analysis
BCG Analysis
SWOT Analysis
Key Industry Drivers
How to read the company statements
How to read company profit loss statement P&L
How to read company balance sheet