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Advanced Technical Analysis Cert Course


Master the Trading Strategies and Risk Management Techniques with Advanced Technical Analysis Course

Though you might find a wide variety of Offline and Online courses to opt from related to the subject of Technical Analysis, but the Advanced Technical Analysis Course offered by Institute for Technical Analysis makes you very strong with the fundamentals of stock market. Not only this, the overall course curriculum ensures that you see what an experience trader sees over the years and learn from his mistakes. 

Market experts believe that if you successfully survive and live through a complete lifecycle of the commodity trading may it be 1, 2, and 3 or 4 years long, you will go through every possible price pattern you could ever see. An Advanced Technical Analysis Course by Online NIFM will make sure that you have learnt this lifecycle with all possible trends and patterns. The rest is only a repetition of various patterns so seen. 

Another inevitable truth about this trade is that there is always one day bringing an end to bear markets in commodities, and there's always an end to bull markets. Once you enter the trade, you will also realize that every day you will watch markets move up, and other markets resting down at the bottom which connotes the end of bear markets. At that point, you express to yourself to predict whether it’s their turn to move up next? Eventually they start the cycle over, one by one, from the bottom up to the top and of course, from the top down to the bottom. 

Chart Analysis is an essential lesson of the course.  It is this analytical skill which safeguards you against the losses and offers protection to your predicted profits. The technical analysis course helps the chartist to analyse the chart. Without this knowledge, the common argument used by the chartist is to "follow the other fellow”. But the fundamental behind this strategy is very weak since it assumes that the other person knows more than you know. Further, the chartist assumes that "the trend continues until it stops". Most chartists attempt to anticipate a trend move but it gives them happiness only till the time the trend continues. Hence these chartists are seen to make huge profits one week and big losses the next. The advanced course will make you an expert with the use of chart methods so that you are never caught by surprise by a bear crack or a major bear trend evolving. 

A good institute will ensure that by the end of your Online Technical Analysis course, you have developed the psychological stability and understanding which is essential for anyone to succeed while trading in the forex market. Hence, if you really want to be a Master of Fundamental Strategies and Risk Management Techniques to trade successfully in the stock market, opt for the Advanced Technical Analysis Course and succeed.

What you will get?

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 21 hours)

Language:  HINDI

Book:  Yes (Ebooks in pdf format in English)

Mock test:  Yes (online mock test with approx 500 question answers) 

Certification: Certification from NIFM


Assesment Structure:

Duration: 120 minutes

No. of questions: 60

Total Marks: 100

Marks per question: 1-2

Passing score: 60%

Negative Marking: Yes (25%)

Certificate validity: Life Time


Faculty: Mr. Vinod Gaur, Mr Umesh Sharma, Mr Amber Gupta

MRP:- 15000 Rs

Offer Price:- 7500 Rs

Duration:- 12 Month

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About Course

 In the advanced Technical Analysis courses, complex strategies are discussed and you get to practice how to practically apply the learning.  Many of the Online Technical Analysis classes also cover various risk management strategies and money management techniques as part of their syllabus. Hence don’t just hurry for your admission but do check for the subjects of your importance in the course curriculum.

Technical Analysis course is to get, the know how of Technical Analysis, This course will be for those, who want to became technical analyst, how to generate good profit in stocks, commodities and forex market.