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Investment Adviser Level 1 SEBI NISM Series XA Certification


As it is an examination that is regulated by SEBI ,as according to SEBI to become an investment advisor in stock market you have to qualify this examination i.e. NISM series X-A: investment adviser(level 1) so if you want to get yourself registered as an investment advisor person then for that you need to clear this examination as this examination is considered as the minimum knowledge that you need to have so that you can act as an investment adviser in the financial market as this examination is considered as the benchmark .

So as to become an investment advisor in the financial industry you need to fulfill the minimum requirement given under SEBI regulation act,7(2) for that you need to clear both the levels 



So if you have you have got certifications for of them then you can act as a financial advisor in stock market .

Purpose of conducting this examination

  1. As it is conducted with a purpose that so that a person attain a basic knowledge in investment advisory about it’s process, procedure & many other that they can get a basic idea about it.
  1. It is process where the person gets about aware about the products & also how it is assosiated with the risk so that when that person pratically implements it then at that point of time he /she is aware about the consequences then he/she can suggest accordingly for the same.
  1. It is also conducted with the purpose so that the person gets aware about the income tax,wealth tax & many other legal things that are also included in this whole procedure for that he /she needs to keep themselves aware about such things so that when the person practically implements it then at that point of time he/she is aware about everything.
  1. As to build good relations with the clients for long term then for that they have to get in touch with the financial planning so that they can suggest the products according to the needs of the clients.

Details of examination:

Duration of exam :120 min.

Exam charges :1500+gst (examination fee of SEBI certification if required)

Minimum marks required to clear this examination:60

Maximum marks :100 

Certification:certification with a validity of 3 years will be provided.

Note: Negative Marking -25% marks assingned on the question.


So at last we can say that this certification is of great use because it helps in becoming a good investment adviser to those who wants to work in the stock market effectively then they should go with this examination as it helps in taking fruitful decisions.

After completing both the levels of investment advisor examination of sebi, as an advice purposele you are eligible to provide the investment guidance to the traders in the stock market by became a authorised investment advisor. By the term, authorized investment advisor, we mean a individual or a company who is certified by the SEBI to give advice to investors and traders in shares, commodities and forex market trading.

On successfully completing the examination, the person gets to know the fundamentals of investment advisory, moves towards the advisory process and is able to make it implement varies implemented plans for the financial .

NISM Series XA also helps the associated person to get himself acquainted with the financial planning used as an investment approach. The person can provides a vast knowledge about the verification on the field of the financial market or capital market.



What you will get:

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes in both languages HINDI & EGLISH (approx 9 hours)

Book - Yes (Ebooks in pdf format only in English)

Mock test - Yes (online mock test with approx 1000 question answers) 

Certification: Dual certification (Certification from NIFM and preparation for SEBI NISM exam)


Faculty: Mrs Shrutee Sharma CFA, MBA Finance (having experence of more then 7 years in financial market education, worked in citi bank)


Assesment Structure:

Duration: 120 minutes

No. of questions: 100

Total Marks: 100

Marks per question: 1

Passing score: 50%

Negative Marking: No

MRP:- 10000 Rs

Offer Price:- 5500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

Investment Advisor Level 1 course is a online course of NISM series X A examination certification conductud by SEBI. This course covers answers of What, How, Why of all investment related products awailable in India like stock market trading, investment in mutual funds, bonds, insurance, FD and all other segments where one can thought of investment.

This course will help candidates to get prepared of SEBI exam and will also get certification from NIFM. Dual certification will help candidates to get job in broking houses or in research company. In this course you will get pre-recorded videos of both hindi and english language, book in pdf format and mock test for practice of the NISM Series  XA module Level1 exam of investment adviser.