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What is the stock market?

Posted by : NIFM
23 November, 2016, 4:03 PM
What is the stock market?
Stock market is a place where a trader can buy or sell a stock of a company. Stock market is also known as Equity market.   In stock market smaller, younger companies who are seeking capital to expand their business issue an initial public offering (IPO). Traders can trade only those stocks which are listed on the stock exchange. There are so many stock exchanges around the world to trade. Like in India NSE, BSE, MCX etc.   For Trading in equity market you must have a Trading and Demat account with exchange. Traders bid for stocks by offering a certain price and at the same price a sellers asking by offering at that level. When both prices match, a sale occurs. Traders have choices to trade as per his choice like he can trade intraday, short term or long term in same stock. It is totally depend on traders choices. If you are asking about Indian trader they are short term traders, they want to earn in 3-6 month time frame.   In general, price move upside when company is performing well on regularly basis, traders always try to buy those stocks whose performance is good and vice-versa. To analysis about stock performance they look the fundamental factors like earning report, management, debts, financial asset etc. One more type of analysis trader use to analysis about stock performance that is technical analysis.    To learn stock market courses join NIFM, we provide so many courses for different job profile. Call NIFM- 9910300590,


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