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What is geopolitical conditions?

Posted by : NIFM
11 April, 2017, 3:52 PM
There are so many reasons which may affect the security market like Political factor, Natural Disaster, Economic factor like GDP Data, Unemployment data, Retail Sales etc.    Nowadays if you are in the financial market you may be heard this word that is GEOPOLITICAL CONDITIONS.    What is this, any idea; I knew you will say no we don't know about it. Nowadays one big problem is running in Syria. Now I am sure you heard that. Recently What happen in Syria you know! The Syrian Militant used the chemical bomb on the Syria public place. More than 80 people died in that attack. After this attack, the global politic is too worst because nobody wants chemical attack in any cases.    High tensions in the Korean peninsula and the Middle East following U.S. missile strikes on Syria, along with uncertainty about the result of the upcoming French presidential election, are the main reasons which have made investors nervous.   "This is a big issue which may continue in coming weeks. More geopolitical risks at the moment and that is supportive for metals like gold, platinum. Hedge funds also watching closely this political issues. Which is very important for the global market. If it will continue then it is not good for financial markets. Equity market may fall as Indices are trading at higher levels.    Recommendation: Traders and investors should trade carefully while trading in the short term or long term. Because making the long position at a higher level will be very risky. Trade carefully, watch all international activity carefully which are related to the US, RUSSIA and Syria especially.       


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