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Hedging the Safeguard of Investments

Posted by : NIFM
22 August, 2013, 1:12 PM
Hedging is the technique which reduces the investment risks of investors in stock market. The work done through counter balancing means another investment to hedge the risk of previous investment, in other words hedging the investment in different investment options those are having different approach. This need to be remembering there are some value for each hedge which have to be paid by investors, traders if market moves negative moreover hedging strategies can be wrong as it’s not a complete science. Hedging to be use as a shield to reduce the future risks on your investment positions. Hedging strategies can be uses for future and option trading weather those are securities, commodities or currency. Investors can hedge their investments as per their own strategies. Investors or traders should watch the differences of price movements in cash market if trading in future market. Also needs to be notice the correlation of prices in both markets. There are always risks involved for decrease of prices if investor is in buying positions at physical commodity market unless his/her position not square off. (inventory not sold out) in this situation investor should short sell in commodity market if there is a risk of price decrease this type of hedging technique called short hedge. If there is possibility of increasing the prices in future then should be buy in future commodity market, this technique is called long hedge.


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