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What is the purpose and career opportunity in stock market

Posted by : NIFM and Written by: Rakshit Chauhan
21 May, 2019, 7:18 PM
What is the purpose and career opportunity in stock market?     The purpose for me to enter in the stock market is to make a bright career and to grow myself both in terms of as a person and financially too.     There are many career opportunity in stock market, especially in recent year. This market is getting bigger day by day. People from all background whether science, commerce or arts are showing more interest in stock market. Many are opting to become a financial market participant and work independly and many are opting it as full time career.     Career opportunity:   Stock broker – to become a stock broker you don’t need a strict eligibly criteria in terms of academic.            All your need is to clear NISM exams and get your license from SEBI.     Investment Advisor: - preparing customized financial plans, providing consulting services on wealth management and educating people on financial products can assuredly help you to build a career and make good money in this in duty.     Research Analyst: - in this post you need to research the stock to help the fund manager make decisions with respect to managing the available financial etc.     Portfolio manager: - This post is a senior post and it requires a lot of experience to be a portfolio manager. The job is to manage funds of customers and invest huge sum of money for maximum return.


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