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How to invest or trade in Indian share market companies

Posted by : NIFM and Written by: Ruchi Chauhan
22 May, 2019, 12:06 PM
Share market / stock market is online trading. In share market shares are traded shares module only allowed trading of shares. There are buyer and seller in share market. The common place where both buyer and seller come together is called market. Companies list their shares on an exchange. Exchange is medium where we can sell or buy. It is a platform where different companies come together to sell.  There are two exchange in India national stock exchange and Bombay stock exchange. Basically it is platform for investment where they invest money. Investment is a key to you says and secure future. Share market I a public market where stocks, bonds, mutual funds are sold. By buying of stocks or any company, one’s get owner ship of that company. To stent of investment, it is called share market one can invest in the Share market for short term and long term depending on needs. Based on needs risk, age and depending. You can be trader or investors in the share market. How we can invest in it. First we how to open demat account online with broker and link bank account with demat account. Open demat account is simple and easy process once you have your account you can start investing in the share market. It is essential to be familiar with stock exchange and their activity or function without any knowledge there is no use of investment. Stock exchange is regulated by SEBI. It is better to do your own research before investing. Not to take decision based on rumors. We should monitor our investment regularly so that we can limit the risk of loss. We can also take the help of research experts.


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