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Commodities traded on NCDEX

Posted by : NIFM
9 November, 2013, 5:18 PM
NCDEX gives priority to commodities that are most relevant to India, and where the price discovery process takes place domestically. The products chosen are based on certain criteria such as price volatility, share in GDP, Correlation with global markets, share in external trade, warehousing facilities, traders distribution, geographical spread, varieties etc. List of commodities offered for futures trading on NCDEX are given below   Spices Oil and Oil Seeds Precious Metals Pepper Castor Seed Gold Chilli Sesame Seeds Silver Jeera Cotton Seed Oil cake Platinum Turmeric Soy Bean Metals Coriander Refined Soy Oil Steel Cereals Soybean meal (Local & Export) Copper Wheat Mustard Seed Zinc Barley Kachhi ghani Mustard Oil Aluminum Maize (Yellow/Red) Rapeseeds – Mustard Seed Oil cake Nickel Pulses Crude Palm Oil Energy Chana RBD Palmolein Crude Oil Masoor Groundnut in Shell Furnace Oil Yellow Peas Groundnut Expeller Oil Thermal Coal Others PlantationProducts Brent Crude Oil Guar Seeds Rubber Natural Gas Potato Coffee-Robusta Cherry AB Fibers Mentha Oil Cashew Indian 28.5 mm Cotton Guar Gum Polymers V-797 Kapas CER Polypropylene Medium Staple Cotton Gur Linear Low density Polyethylene Kapas Almond Polyvinyl Chloride Raw Jute The Trade timings on the NCDEX (Monday to Friday) are from 10:00 5:00 p.m.for agricultural products and for metal and energy products from 10:00 11:30 p.m.However, on Saturday’s trade in all commodities take place from 10:00 2:00 p.m.


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