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Merchant Banking NISM Series IX Certificate Course

Merchant Banking Online Certificate course is specially designed to understand the basics of merchant banking in India and the regulator environment set up by SEBI for governing the activities of merchant banker in India for understanding the rules, regulations and legal framework requires to perform various activities of merchant banking.
  • Students will get Certification from NIFM Institute
  • Student will get prepare for SEBI NISM Series IX Certification Examination
  • Ebooks in pdf form to download
  • Chapter wise videos to explore the course
  • Mock question and answer test papers for exam practice
  • Online Mock exam platform for real time exam practice invironment like in SEBI NISM Series examination with negative marking and time boundation 
  • Final exam platform to apear online exam to get certified from NIFM 
A merchant banker with their skills, updated information and knowledge provide this service to the corporate units and advice them on such requirement to be complied with for raising funds from the capital market under different enactment viz. companies act, income tax act, foreign exchange regulation act, securities contracts corporate laws and regulations. The merchant banker mainly deals with issue management , post issue services and corporate advisory services etc. The statutory recognition to undertake capital market related activities are undertaken by merchant banker for corporate sector. Thus this module will help to gather knowledge about the regulations covered under different Acts such as SEBI Act 1992 , SEBI ( Merchant Bankers ) Regulations ,1992 and SEBI ( Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirement) Regulations, 2009.
This module will help the students to appear for SEBI certification for NISM Series IX examination and will also be offered NIFM certification.
This module is prepared by MsShrutee Sharma, Sr Faculty of NIFM Educational Institutions Pvt Ltd. She is MBA (finance) with 6 years of equity market experience with  brokers such as MotilalOswal securities, Kotak securities and Citi. 

What you will get?

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 4 hours)

Language:  ENGLISH

Book:  Yes (Ebooks in pdf format in English)

Mock test:  Yes (online mock test with approx 500 question answers) 

Certification: Dual certification (Certification from NIFM and preparation for SEBI NISM exam)


SEBI NISM Exam Assesment Structure:

Duration: 120 minutes

No. of questions: 100

Total Marks: 100

Marks per question: 1

Passing score: 60%

Negative Marking: Yes (25%)

Certificate validity: 3 years


Faculty: Mrs. Shrutee Sharma

MRP:- 6500 Rs

Offer Price:- 4500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

Merchant banking certificate course is designed for individuals and professionals want to enter in banking and finance sector ( BFSI ) this course will make you understand the various asset classes available for constructing portfolio and various ratios which one can use for analyzing the risk return relationship in the portfolio. Students will get online certification for merchant banking from NIFM Institute and prepare themselves for SEBI NISM Series IX certification examination.
  • Introduction To The Capital Market
  • Introduction to the merchant banking
  • Registration , code of conduct & general obligations of merchant bankers
  • Issue management – Process and Underwriting
  • General obligations of merchant bankers and due diligence in issue management
  • Merchant banking role in disinvestment & buyback of equity