Commodity Market Dealers Module


Sub topic

Recommended study time

Introduction to Derivatives TopicDerivatives Defined
TopicProducts, Participatns and Functions
TopicDerivative Markets
TopicDifference Between Commodity and Financial Derivtives.
0.5 hrs



TopicEvolution of Commodity Exchanges
Topic Global Commodity Derivatives     Exchanges
TopicLatest Developments
1.5 hrs

The  NCDEX Platform

TopicStructure of NCDEX
TopicSpot Price Polling

Exchange Membership

TopicRisk Management

Clearing and Settlement System


1 hrs


Traded on the NCDEX Platform


Topic Commodities Traded On NCDEX

1.5 hrs
Instruments Available For Trading

TopicForward Contracts

 Topic Introduction To Futures

Topic Introduction to Options

TopicBasic Payoffs

TopicPayoff For Futures

Topic Payoff for Options

Topic Using Futures Versus Using Options
Pricing Commodity Futures

Topic Investment Assets Versus Consumption Assets
Topic      The Cost of Carry Model

TopicThe Futures Basis 
1.5 hrs


Using Commodity Futures




1 .5 hrs

TopicFutures Trading System

TopicEntities in the trading System

TopicCommodity Futures Trading Cycle

TopicOrder Types and Trading Parameters

TopicMargins For Trading In Futures


TopicHedge Limits

Clearing and Settlement




TopicRisk Management

TopicMargining at NCDEX

Regulatory Framework

TopicRules Governing Commodity Derivatives Exchanges / Participants

TopicRules Governing Trading On Exchange

TopicRules Governing Investor Grievances, Arbitration

1.5 hrs

Implications Of Sales Tax / Value Added Tax (VAT)

TopicSales Tax /Vat

TopicSales Tax / Vat Obligations


1 hrs
Electronic Spot Exchange

TopicNEED For Electronic Online Spot Exchange


TopicNCDEX Spot Exchanges ltd. (NSPOT)
1.5 hrs
    14 Hrs

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About Course

Commodity market dealers module is for traders and inverstors who want to play in commodity market and for those who want to became dealers in broking houses. This course is a combination of all poducts of metal & agro commodity and in MCX & NCDEX exchange.

Why should one take this course?
TopicTo understant the difference between Commodity & Financial Derivatives
TopicTo know the usage of Commodity Futures
TopicTo understand the pricing machanisim of Commodity Futures
TopicHow to trade in commodity market?
TopicClearing & Settlement operations
TopicTrading- ODIN System Commands & Order Management
TopicTo know the Legal Framework


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