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Currency Analysis for Intraday Trading Certificate Course

If you are doing trading in currency market then this course " Currency Analysis" is very important for you because in this course we are going to tell you about the important factors, these factors will decide about movement of currency. It means in currency analysis you will get to know the reasons of upside ans downside of currency. After doing this course, when you will do currency tradind you will get a new and better experience because it is very hard to understand currencies fluctuation. So with the help of this course we are going to tell you , how you can tackel with these difficulties. We will discuss all the reasons for currency movement and will tell you the important steps to remember while doing currency trading.

So, first of all we will understand "What is currency ?". As we all know currency is used for in exchange of things in every country. If the currency of country is weak , it reflects that economy of the country is weak and on the other hand if the currency of country is strong it means economy of that country is strong. This will help you to understand how the exchange rate of a currency has decided. It all depends on our govenment that they will decide exchange rate of currency. 

There are two ways to decide exchange rate of currency.

First way is the "Fixed exchange rate". In this government fixed exchange rate of currency for certain period. During this period all the exchanges of currency will be done on this fixed rate and it is called fixed exchange rate.

Second way is the "Flexible exchange rate" and this is basically depends on outflow and inflow of currency. Meanshow much currency is coming in a country or how much is going out of the country, the difference will help to decide the exchange rate of currency. In this the rates will change on daily basis.


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Language:  HINDI

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Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Analyst Arvind Sharma

MRP:- 7500 Rs

Offer Price:- 2500 Rs

Duration:- 6 Month

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About Course

If you want to do trading in currency market in india, you have four platform for currencies

1) USD

2) Japanese Yen

3) Sterling pound

4) Euro

It means you can trade in these four currencies but for all these four currencies you have to pair with indian rupees. It means you have to decide whether indian currency is going up or going down in coming days. So if indian currency is going up then you have to make your position in selling side in all these four currencies. So in this course currency analysis you will get to know about currencies in currency market in which how you can trade or work or how you can make your best positions.