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Mind Controlling Program Level-1 in Stock Market Trading


Forex Trading Strategies work best with Mind Training for Stock Market

A stock market is a place for one and all. It has given the taste of success to almost every single method that exists in trading. Stock market stands as an eyewitness to the rise and fall of many traders over the years. Formal training for Stock Market trading by Online NIFM makes you clear and confident with the strategies so that you know how to survive the market with right predictions from the charts and trends. 

The skills developed during the course in all the three situations:-

Whether you entered the market with huge sum of money or you traded safely within your risk taking capacity, or 

Whether you trade daily and invest consistent amount of money on regular intervals, or just invest a big amount as one-time investment into some mutual funds, or

Whether you begin to trade in rising stocks or you invest your money in the falling ones.

The ‘success mantra’ in the stock market is not with the amount you invest; it is in bringing all the parts together including trading strategies, risk strategies, position sizing, portfolio diversification, etc. Success comes when you operate the investment as your business taking care of the trends, where to invest, what is the market demand and so on.

The overall Forex trading strategies can be put into four major categories: 

1.    Trend strategies; 

2.    Trading range strategies; 

3.    Breakout strategies; and 

4.    News trading strategies.

Of these methods for share trading, it’s not possible to tag any one strategy as ‘the most profitable trading strategy’. As traders, it becomes the responsibility to study the charts and predict the trend. In such a case, one would need to apply trend strategies.  And in case of currency pair forming a trading range, applying the trading range strategies makes sense.  A successful trader will master at least one trend strategy and one trading range strategy.

Mind Controlling Program Level-1 gives the basic training which helps the trader in keeping calm within while observing the turbulence in the stock market. The stock market fluctuations are certain but when you lose control over your mind, you tend to take hasty decisions in the pressure that is built while looking at the charts. This sounds natural and just, but the fact is – (I) It seems natural but it is not; and ii. Hasty decisions cost life time losses. Hence Mind controlling program for stock market traders is recommended so that they are able to control their spontaneous reactions to avoid such hasty decisions.

What you will get?

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - Yes (approx 46 minutes)

Language:  HINDI

Book:  No

Mock test:  No

Certification: Yes

Faculty: Mr. R K Arora

MRP:- 199 Rs

Offer Price:- 99 Rs

Duration:- 12 Month

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About Course

If you are serious into making a career in the field of Stock trading and not just trading for fun or entering the trade to try your luck for some quick money, then Mind Training for Stock Market by Online NIFM is a must course to learn. One can give you knowledge about the Forex Trading Strategies and how they work but no one can make you the best. It is only how you practice the fundamentals taught in a class and gain control over your predictions and analysis that you start building your position in the world of trading. There are several institutes which are offering a multitude of courses on Technical Analysis, Research Analyst, and Financial Modeling etc.

This Program is the basic free version of Mind Contolling Program for share market traders and investors, how they can control their emotions while trading in stock market. The level 2 program is the key to make money from stock market, It will help to minimize the mistakes while trading in equity market or any other market.