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WD GANN Square of 9 Certificate Course



WD Gann Theory

As per WD Gann theory, he has created an extraordinary calculator for making profits in stock trading. As per his theory, this tool is used for predicting prices in the stock market. He has become a successful trader using his theory and made of millions. This theory has made the stock trading easy for those who are indulged in stock trading deeply. This theory has improved the trading practices today and shows us a way for making high profits.

WD GANN Square of 9 Certificate Course

Being a stock trader, you should adapt the modern trading techniques. NIFM has introduced a course for stock traders. This course offers to trade with wheel and learning concepts of the square of 9 formula for trading activities. Here you can learn the prediction of price and time in stock trading and analyse accurate prices of stocks and commodities. This course is for all not only traders but individuals, self-employed, housewives, and students. For fee structure and other details, you can search the website. It will prove a correct decision if you enrol for this course and bring uniqueness in stock trading.

Square of 9 formula in stock market

Gann’s formula as explained by Online NIFM course has modernized the trading techniques with its square of 9 calculators. This formula is known for its accuracy in the stock market and commodity pricing. To find the accurate stock prices and commodity prices we need to put the current prices in the calculator. This is how it works. This formula has taken the trading methods to the next level and makes it easier for others to use it for making maximum profits. This astrological method of prediction is very innovative and remarkable. It is a very good technique and frequently used by the traders who have become successful and enhance their trading skills. The ups and down in stock markets can easily be calculated through Gann’s formula. This formula has come after many years of study and research. Many trading techniques are in use, and this one is highly impressive for stock valuation and in use by current traders.

What you will get?

Online Live Classes through Teamviewer/Skype/Google Hangout - (Approx 16-24 Hour)

Pre-recorded chapter vise videos - NO

Language:  HINDI / ENGLISH

Book:  NO

Certification: Certification from NIFM

Faculty: Mr. R K Arora (Sr. Analyst)

MRP:- 51000 Rs

Offer Price:- 51000 Rs

Duration:- 1 Month

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About Course

WD Gann Square, a technical tool developed by WD Gann, a technical expert. This tool is used in the form of spiral a calculator for analysing the stock movements and achieve accurate prices. This is the most popular method among the trades due to its accuracy. This tool has created a revolution among the stock traders.