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Certificate Course in Financial Modeling


Be an Expert with Investment Banking with Best Financial Modeling Courses

Investment Banking focuses on evaluating the worth of companies for various purposes like capital creation, facilitating mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate restructuring or reorganization, or for exploring new investment opportunities. 

Financial Modeling is an important aspect of investment banking. It is the projection of a set of financial figures obtained by performing calculations. These figures are then used to make recommendations for a company’s financial growth. The recommendations are focused on some future point on the basis of certain assumptions. A good financial analyst will first create a base model with the most probable assumptions. Later, he will vary those underlying assumptions to assess several scenarios and their outcome. 

A good Institute for Financial Modeling course by Online NIFM will offer a course curriculum covering Equity Valuation, DCF Valuation, Capital Market Analysis, Charting Techniques etc. An Instructor-led online course for financial modeling can give you the same learning experience as with a personal tutor because of Virtual Classroom facility. In FM, financial analysis, risk analysis, valuations, investment management, credit analysis, scenario analysis, budgeting etc. is done using Excel spreadsheets. Use of Macros makes it more influential.

The key benefits of obtaining a Certificate in Financial Modeling include:

Helps in visualization of the company's profits in the future and represent it on graph.

Knowledge of Financial Modeling in addition to MBA gives an advantageous consideration over others for the job. 

Ability to cross check the Balance Sheet/ Cash Flow Statements.

Can obtain job positions in commercial banks for disbursing loans for the projects by predicting their future and tracking the performance of on-going projects.

Acquires skills to do the valuation of companies, their IPOs, returns on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), risk analysis etc.

In addition to using advanced tools of Excel, one also learns to model various kinds’ financial situations.

With knowledge of analyzing Trading Comparable, one is able to calculate basic EV and perform various CACS Adjustments which adds value in identification of exceptions so as to normalize the earnings.

Financial modeling course structure

1: MS- Excel, Financial Statements, Ratios, Relative Valuation

2: Financial Modeling, DCF Valuation

3: Capital Budgeting, Trading Comparables

4: Merger Model, Valuation of a company going public (IPO)

5: Capital Budgeting (project feasibility, decision modeling), DDM Modeling

6: Company profiles,  Pitch books, Valuation prospects – IPOs, M&As, PE

7: IPO pitch book, project feasibility case studies, revision

MRP:- 8500 Rs

Offer Price:- 5950 Rs

Duration:- 3 Month

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About Course

If you are already in the field of financial analysis and dealing with investment banking prediction, such an upgrade in your skills with a suitable Best Financial Modeling Course will make you an expert with Excel and predictions for Investment Banking prospects would no longer be tedious challenging task for you. This will tremendously increase your career growth graph. Be an Expert with Investment Banking by learning Financial Modeling.

Financial Modeling certificate course and training is intended to equip the students, professionals with a thorough understanding of how to calulate the actual valuation of the companies to make their position for long and short in their stocks. This will make you capable to read the financial statements of the companies and how we can use windows Excel in computaion of stocks.