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Do's and Don't for Stock Market traders

Posted by : NIFM
26 April, 2017, 12:04 PM
Hi, I am just asking some question.... Do you know Virat Kohli, Chris gayle, AB De Villiers....I know you will say Yes, you are right. They are hard hitter cricketer. If they are on the pitch they can achieve any target in cricket. But it is not necessary that they will hit every time, sometimes they don't score.  In the same way, if you have planned anything before trading in the stock market that is not 100% sure, but if you are trading with solid risk management, you can change the game. Your consistency will give you the good return. You have to make some trading rules for trading in stock market, simply. I am sharing my experience, what a trader should do's and don't while trading: 1. Always trade with a registered broker. 2. Before trading in stocks or commodity analyze about that stock or commodity properly through Technical analysis or fundamental analysis. 3. Make your own trading strategy don't follow anyone. 4. Trade carefully, if you are trading online then before trading check keys properly or if trading offline then give clear instruction to the dealer. 5. The most important thing is Trade with Strict Stop Loss. 6. There is no holy grail so trade with solid risk management. If you are looser accept it.  7. Trade as per your fund you invest in the market, don't trade on broker's leverage.  8. If you are intraday trader don't carry that position for next day. 9. Don't trade blindly on anyone's views. 10. Don't trade in any direction if you are not confident. These rules you should follow that, there are no. of rules for trading. To know more details about basic and advance of stock market Join NIFM- Call 99103 00590,


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