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Who can invest in stock market?

Posted by : nifm
10 May, 2017, 1:17 PM
Before going in to start about “Who can invest in stock market?”. You should know why we have to invest in stock market! Why do we need to invest in the market? The reason behind the investment is Nobodies knows about the future of their life. They wanted to secure their family after his/her death. One more reason behind the investment, if you keep your saving idle its nominal value remains the same but real value decreases by prevailing inflation. So instead of keeping the savings money idle, you must invest it some- where to get a return on your capital in the future for you or your family. How much amount you are earning is not important. After money spent whatever amount you saved after expenses you have to invest some where to get a good return on that money. In share market anybody can invest in it. If you are earning you can invest like businessman, service man, house wife, retired person, exporter-importer, and hedgers anyone can invest. You can invest your saved money in these instruments: ü  Insurance ü  Stocks ü  Bonds ü  Post Office Investments ü  Mutual Funds ü  Gold, Silver ü  Bank Deposits ü  Real Estate The stock or commodity market made for hedging purpose but people are quite interesting in speculation because they are getting good return in it. Traders try to buy stock in the bottom levels and sell those stock or commodities at higher price. Due to high liquidity in market buyers and sellers can square off their position any time. If you know technical analysis or fundamental analysis you will get good return. It is not so easy but not impossible. So learn before investment in any instrument for maximum return in small amount. Join NIFM- 99103 00590,


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